The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 28: I Miss…

Day 28 – Something that you miss.

Libraries. I can remember recess and lunch times spent in  the school library during my pre-college years. First, I’d go straight to the section where the newly acquired books are displayed. Second, I’d search through the fiction shelves for interesting reads. Third, I’d find a spot where I can read my chosen book in peace. 🙂 Ilovebeing surrounded by books and silence. It makes me feel like I have my world, one where I happily do anything and everything I want at no cost. Although I haven’t checked around much, I wish there was a public library accessible for everyone. And by library, I mean one that has a variety of reading materials, not just specific to the Philippines.

CSA Makati's GS Library.

CSA Makati's GS Library. Wow, they have "He's Just Not That Into You"?!? I guess some Grade Schoolers have love problems.
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NOT! Well, not YET anyway.

Working in the IT industry, one with certifications on tools, applications, (programming) languages and the like can have a huge advantage over fellow IT colleagues. Certifications entail standards and processes and for some companies, these are essential for getting their businesses up and running effectively and efficiently.

Since last year, I’ve done a lot of thinking on which career path I should take. When I started to work for my first company and got a taste of SAP, I got a little hooked. I was debating whether I should delve into the role of a business analyst in project management (focusing on languages such as JAVA, ASP[.NET], etc.) or an SAP consultant. I tried the former and it didn’t seem like my cup  of tea. When I was presented an opportunity to work with SAP, I grabbed it. Right now, I’m slowly and patiently trying learning things around in SAP. There’s a lot more I need to study and experience; but I’m having fun (& frustrations, from time to time, I admit) investigating issues in the SAP module our team is focused on. As part of my career goals, I’m aiming to get certified in SAP, more particularly in the Sales & Distribution module. It would be a great achievement to be officially recognized as some sort of ‘expert’ on a particular subject. Plus, being SAP-certified would also give me an edge for possible high profile projects or cases, allowing me to move further up the corporate ladder.

SAP Certified!

SAP Certified!

In addition to getting a certification in SAP, I also aim to get the Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate. I’d want to be certified specifically in Excel? Why? Well, basically, of all the Microsoft Office applications, it’s the Excel that I’m having trouble understanding it completely. And Excel is one of the major tools being used in the IT industry…heck, even in other industries! So, to be certified on that would “formally” acknowledge my “in-depth” understanding. allowing me, yet again, to have another edge over colleagues.

MOS Certified!

So far, these 2 are my main focus. I am setting these certifications under my list of career goals; & hopefully, I will be able to acquire the certifications within the next 2 years. Wish me luck!

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