The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 28: I Miss…

Day 28 – Something that you miss.

Libraries. I can remember recess and lunch times spent in  the school library during my pre-college years. First, I’d go straight to the section where the newly acquired books are displayed. Second, I’d search through the fiction shelves for interesting reads. Third, I’d find a spot where I can read my chosen book in peace. 🙂 Ilovebeing surrounded by books and silence. It makes me feel like I have my world, one where I happily do anything and everything I want at no cost. Although I haven’t checked around much, I wish there was a public library accessible for everyone. And by library, I mean one that has a variety of reading materials, not just specific to the Philippines.

CSA Makati's GS Library.

CSA Makati's GS Library. Wow, they have "He's Just Not That Into You"?!? I guess some Grade Schoolers have love problems.
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Summer breaks. I met the group-of-friends-I-love-the-most a.k.a. “QVs” that summer break of 1998. We went to different schools and only had summer breaks to have all 7 of us to really hang out for a longer time. We’d play tennis, boardgames and Play Station, watch tons on movies on VCDs and basketball games on the village court, plan out sleepovers and cook-outs and doing activities for our village’s Youth Council. It would be a dream if there would be paid summer breaks so I can earn and spend quality time with friends and family at the same time. But I know it’ll be wishful thinking. Well…maybe if I had my business. Hmmm…

QV Christmas .

At around 1AM of Dec. 25, we always go to Dang's house to exchange gifts and have our picture taken by the tree. Good times! 🙂

Fun at EK!

Fun at EK!

Managing my time on my own terms. This one’s a given. Given my line of work (IT), I rarely get the chance to do the things I want to do when I want to do it. 😦 For instance, blogging. I planned to blog at least 3x/wk but given some nasty surprises and obligatory goals to accomplish, I don’t get to. Don’t get me wrong, I love the technology I’m working in and the people I work with; but the bulk of things that need to be finished is piling up faster than I could ever handle them. I do have plans to sort this out. But for now, I would just have to continue missing having the luxury to do the things I want to do whenever I please.

Dog-tired. *le sigh*

Dog-tired. *le sigh*

Are you missing the same things I miss?


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