The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 25: You’re So Awesome, I Crush You!

Day 25 – Someone who fascinates you and why.

There’s this girl, let’s name her Ma. as in you-think-it’s-short-for-Maria-but-it-isn’t. 😛

Ma. is around my age. She’s pretty, friendly, funny and very talented. If we were to be put into Gossip Girl’s world, Ma. would be Serena van der Woodsen and I would be that girl in the background, staring in awe at her.In fact, in previous occasions, I have stared at her in awe. How could I not when she effortlessly lights up a room she’s in and makes everyone around her at ease? Okay… I am starting to sound like a stalker.

But seriously, Ma. is one of those few people you’d love to hate but you just couldn’t. I have seen her handle tricky and quite depressing situations with her head held up high. She has such strength in dealing with problems that most people would give up on in a second. I could also see how much she treasures her family and friends. Despite the physical distance, she has managed to keep her boyfriend/fiancée/hubby (I’m not leaving any specific clues!) loyal and madly in love with her.

One main thing that I really, really, REALLY get fascinated with is her independence. She has traveled around the globe on her own with her luggage pulled from behind and her smile that says, “Why, hello world! Here I am!”.

I wish I could write more about her; but the further I go, the more clues I leave about who my Serena van der Woodsen is. 😉


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