The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 20: School Is Cool!

Day 20 – How important you think education is.

Learning the ABCs, Go-Grow-Glow food groups, SOH-CAH-TOA and SQL statements were some of the things that composed my academic life. Alongside the taking down of notes, listening to the teacher and, mainly, trying to focus or stay awake, playing, hanging out and socializing with other students were included in my academic life.

The only part of Trigo that I understood.

The only part of Trigo that I understood.

With the logic and facts taught, an individual may come to form his/her own thoughts and beliefs. With the opportunities to relate to other people, a person may come to form his/her personality. The fact of the matter is, education, both formal and informal, helps in human development; thus, I believe it is important. 🙂

I have spent nearly 2 decades learning in a formal institution and most of my life learning in the “real world”. The combination of those two summed up to  up to the persona of who I am today and am proud of. I’m blessed that my parents have provided me a great education! I hope that kids, especially my future kids, would have the drive and interest in taking advantage of what education, may it be in school or in life, has to offer. And I hope that if they come to a point that they stumble and fall, they would get up and brush away the dust that is failure and take it as a learning experience.

CSA, rah, rah, rah!!!

CSA, rah, rah, rah!!!


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