The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 19: “Hey Mom, Since We’re Talking…”

***Yes, I’m still going on with the 30 Days Blog Challenge, even if I started it July of last year. I’m not going to quit on it. 🙂

Day 19 – Disrespecting your parents.

…what was it like, when you were young. / Has the world changed? Or is it still the same? / A man can kill and still be the sweetest love.

From back when we were kids, when any one of us four siblings does something not acceptable in our parents’ eyes (ex. lying about where we spent our allowances, not eating the veggies on our plates & even secretly putting them in a tissue paper and throwing it in the wastebasket, getting a failing grade on one of our subjects…you get the gist), my mom or dad (or sometimes both) gets on our case, goes on a long lecture of how ungrateful kids are compare to their time and announce our corresponding punishment. There were times when the scolding was accompanied with a spank on the butt or with a threatening stare while pointing us to our respective rooms to “contemplate” on our wrongdoing. But that was in the 90’s.



As time passed and society seemed to accept a more lax and friendly way of child-upbringing, my parents became less strict. They encouraged us to approach them when we have a problem or if we just wanted to hang out or something. It was weird for me. I was used to my parents, especially my mom, to point out what I’m doing wrong and dictate what is right. But I got used to the new “system”. I shared stories complete with tears or laughter to my parents; while they either listened with great intent giving advice as needed or laughed their hearts out stating that I just made their day. The only problem I had with the setup is that sometimes I’d step over that fine line between being a friend and being a daughter. That fine line, for me, is my reference for as to whether I’m being disrespectful to my parents.

One of my best out-of-the-country shopping partner!

One of my best out-of-the-country shopping partner!

I love my parents even if sometimes they’d like to push their views and beliefs on me. I know they have only but the best interests for me. I’m quite happy and blessed that despite the depression and drama that I go through, my parents still helps me up and say the right words to make me believe in myself again. There may be times that I have disrespected them due to misunderstandings and heat of the moment; but those are instances that we let go after we’ve talked calmly about it.

Trying to annoy Papa.

Trying to annoy Papa.

To end this post, I say a little prayer for all parents out there:

Lord, I surrender to you my family. Lord Jesus, I pray for my parents. Though you blessed them abundantly, today they are in need of your help. Give my parents joy and strength. Fill them with your strengthening presence. Lord, give them real thirst and hunger for the Holy Spirit and for the Word of God. Give them health in spirit, soul and body.

Even though they may feel that all the trouble they took for their children are being wasted, help them to see the great reward waiting for them in Heaven. Help my parents to forgive themselves and forgive everyone else.

Even though as parents they may have failed to fulfil their duties, Lord, set them free from sadness and sorrow, regrets and sense of guilt. Jesus fill them with your Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

One thought on “The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 19: “Hey Mom, Since We’re Talking…”

  1. It was only Tita, who addressed me as “anak”, even though I wasn’t. I never got used to it because no one ever calls me like that. It was highschool when I knew why. Eversince then, I found it heartwarming whenever I hear her call me like so. I’m thankful that even though I never hear from my parents, at least Tita would always be there to call me “anak”. *tears*

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