There’s a Snail on my Face!

Not an actual snail, though. Just liquids secreted from a snail. Snail’s mucin, to be specific. Β  πŸ™‚

Last night, when I decided to lounge on the living room sofa and read a book, I also decided to try using one of the face masks I bought from South Korea November of last year. Because I (and my South Korea trip buds) believe Koreans have the best skin and have a great skin regimen we bought the “poshest” sounding ones: caviar and wine. Although for the Snail Mucin Hi-collagen essence mask, it may sound yucky but it’s the best-selling one (as per the Korean saleswoman tugging me and my friend in the store).

Face masks.

Face masks.

Since the snail mucin is all the rave in skin care, I chose Snail Mucin Hi-collagen essence mask.

Snail Mucin...sounds slimy! :P

Snail Mucin...sounds slimy! πŸ˜›

The package has the following keywords: Ultra moisture, High elastic and Brightening.

The promise.

The promise.

Given that, I expected that after using the face mask, my face would feel much softer and look more healthy. Let’s see if that’s the result! πŸ™‚

First things first, read up the instructions! Thank God there were English translations!

Just 4 steps to better skin!

Just 4 steps to better skin!

Quickly opened it and surveyed the mask, which was a bit heavy with thick liquid sliding on my fingers.



Now comes the awkward part of showing you the mask on my face! I look weird! Hahaha! πŸ˜› I tried to pat out the mask so it will be placed evenly on my face; but every time I do that, the mask shifts and folds a bit. It should’ve felt uncomfortable with the fold but surprisingly it felt relaxing.

Trying hard not to laugh.

Trying hard not to laugh.

30 minutes after, I removed the mask and patted the remaining serum on my face, as the instructions stated. I took pictures of the right side of my face before and after the process. The result? See for yourself:

Before vs After.

Before vs After.

The pictures above might not be that clear but A LOOOT (sad to admit) of my pores got smaller! Plus, my skin felt so smooth that I kept on touching it (BAD, I know)!

Skin care is something I’ve neglected in the past and I’ve promised myself that this year I will start paying attention to it. The results of my testing of the Snail Mucin Hi-collagen essence mask was a great way to spark my interest in skin care. I know it will take money, time and effort to get the right products for me but I know it will be worth it! Great skin == healthy me!

Oh, and FYI on the snail mucin, read up on it here (excerpt below).

Snail Mucin Discovery. A few years back, Chilean farm workers who had the chore of picking snails from vineyard crops realized that their hands were extraordinarily smooth. Any nicks or abrasions they suffered throughout the day healed quickly and without any scarring. After extensive studies and tests, it was learned that snails and humans have lots of shared skin elements.

Collagen and elastin are the 2 most critical skin structures humans possess and as it turns out, snails possess the same structure. This is what makes our skin an appropriate canvas for the effects of the snail serum. According to investigations, the secretion generated by the snails, when under duress, is used to shield, moisturize, repair, and regenerate their skin whenever it is injured. It is the only solution element created solely in nature by a living creature to protect its skin.


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