The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 18: Get Into My Head.

Day 18 – Your beliefs.

I’ve already shared one of my beliefs, one tackling religion; so for this particular post, let me share a few more:

Family can be your best travelmates. The very first time I set foot out of the country was back in 2000 and it was with my dad, mom and li’l bro. My older twin siblings didn’t get to go because they had just started working. It is that first trip that made me want lust to traipse around the world. I was clueless but with my dad and mom, the trip was fun! My dad was the walking-atlas/guidebook. With his over a gazillion (close to a hundred, I think) travels around the world, he always had a trivia or a historical fact to share to us. My mom, however, had her share of travels; but I love that she becomes this “motivational shopper” and urges me (and my siblings) to buy clothes, shoes, bags and nick-knacks that she knows cannot be bought back home in the Philippines. There are still a lot more places I’d want to go to with my whole family (including in-laws) and I hope we’ll have the time and cash (eeep!) to do so. I can’t wait to walk on the Great Wall of China beside my dad who I know would go on and on about China’s history. My li’l bro would have his heavy arm around me, trying to irritate me while he tries to hear out my dad’s lecture. My mom would be beside my older sister, my bro-in-law and my niece to give her own version of China’s history and insert a few suggestions for my niece to practice walking on the Great Wall. My older brother, on the other hand, would have his arm around his wife and chuckle at our dad’s efforts to walk and talk but is secretly worried for our dad’s health. When a group picture is to be taken, I’m sure each of us would smile a huge smile. 🙂

Osaka Castle with the 'rents and li'l bro.

Osaka Castle with the 'rents and li'l bro.

Everyone! Gonna watch The Golden Mickeys.

Everyone! Gonna watch The Golden Mickeys.

Good friends can pick up where they left off. Most of my dearest friends are in other, different countries; while some are still in the Philippines but are understandably busy or have other plans. However, despite distance or unavailability, I am reassured by the fact that when I do get together with those close friends, I have no worry that we might act as though strangers. My only worry, and one that I’m quite fond of, is when we do act like hyenas laughing crazily amidst our chatter about our own lives. 🙂 Of course, if we needed to have a shot of crazy from each other, there’s always technology to keep us connected.

Circa 2006: One of the rarest moments we're all online.

Circa 2006: One of the rarest moments we're all online.

You learn a whole lot about yourself when you’re in a romantic relationship . Sure we get to see who we are and how we act/think/speak when we’re with friends and family; but there are some underlying personalities and quirks that emerge when you’re a boyfriend/girlfriend. Admit it, you didn’t think you’d be that person who’d have a pet name or call someone by a pet name. You didn’t also think you had that much (or lack of) patience when dealing with someone who might not) have similar beliefs as yours. In addition to emerging surprising personalities and quirks, you also tend to discover new things that you never thought you’d get fond of. I, for one, didn’t think that I’d start watching Formula 1 races or that I’d even try tasting seaweed. What I love about a romantic relationship is that it’s not just a journey of two people merging to have a “common” life, it’s also a self-discovery!

By default, I am a Ferrari fan. ;)

By default, I am a Ferrari fan. 😉

What you do + marketing yourself > who you know + politics. I’ve only been in the corporate world for almost 5 years. In the first couple of years, I started to build the belief that to rise to the top and enhance my career, I need to work smart, deliver great results and make sure that those results are recognized. Once, I met someone of a higher ranking advising me and a few other colleagues that to get ahead, we’d need to get the expected or great results at whatever cost. If we needed to disregard rules and standard processes or “approach” someone of a much higher ranking, then we should do so as long as we get our output. Seeing that this person is now indeed successful and sought after by big bosses (I’d like to believe), I still refuse to throw away my own belief. I may not be aggressive as I should be; but that’s okay. I’m focusing on being more assertive.

It's a long way to the top, but I'm climbing up steadily.

It's a long way to the top, but I'm climbing up steadily.


Santa Claus! Up until now, I get excited for Christmas because it’s one of the holidays that sparked my imagination since God-knows-when. My parents raised my siblings and I to believe in Santa Claus. I remember those Christmas mornings when I wake up with an excited grin on my face, run to the tree and get the yummy goodies in my Christmas stocking. I also remember shouting in glee when I saw 3 whole red sacks around the Christmas tree, one of which had my name on it and when I opened it up, gifts galore!!! Okay, I know Santa does not exist; but I believe that every kid should experience him and the whole “magical Christmas”. I loved waking up at 4am and dressing up to hear Misa de Gallo. I loved listening and singing along to Christmas songs. And I loved playing with the Nativity scene and retelling its story out loud to myself, sometimes w/ my parents listening on the side. 🙂 Imagination is a kid’s best toy. It also is a great companion when growing up.

Why yes, Santa! That's the way to my house.

Why yes, Santa! That's the way to my house.

That’s just a few more other things I believe in. How about you? Care to share yours? 🙂


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