Project Me!

Coming back from my South Korea trip with some of my fab girl officemates and their friends (a blog post on it to follow), I realized that there’s still A LOT I have to work on with myself.  I started this blog for the main reason that I’d like to “post and share all the anecdotes, thoughts, opinions and realizations on objects, places, issues, situations and folks I come to face with“; but I haven’t been sharing much, have I? Well, to be honest, there’s not much to share because I’ve been lazy and uninspired. Bad, bad Cat! 😦

But let me try to redeem myself. Copying Marshall Eriksen (of HIMYM), let me say this…

SWEEPING DECLARATION!!! I, Cathy C., declare Nov. 20, 2011 as the start of Project Me. Project Me basically entails working on the different aspects of my life. Details of which are only known by myself, my boyf & my closest friends. Any interesting and read-worthy points I encounter will be blogged about.

Still In The Making was created for mostly my benefit – a way for me to practice writing to an audience (hopefully even a handful), share my inputs and get feedback. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with writing; hence the lack of blog posts. So here I am again, gearing myself up for surges of inspiration and wit to come for me to be able to write something awesome. Alongside being able to blog, I am also gearing myself up for life’s surprises and challenges, allowing me to be the best that I can be.

Here we go, Project Me! 🙂


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