DSF #3: Stepford Wife B/W Dress.

It’s been a while since I posted about a great Department Store Find (DSF) and it’s high-time I share one. My DSF posts so far feature items I’ve bought from SM. This time, let me share a dress I saw and excitedly bought from a sorta-short extension of Robinsons Mall.

Early this year, I was in a search for an affordable short 1-piece dress I can wear to work and to events (if I would have the chance). Festival Mall in Alabang actually has this section for Robinsons Mall department store and I browsed through the racks.

Lo and behold, my attention was grabbed by this short dress with an interesting black and white print hanging on the racks with signs stating 50% off. Okay, maybe it was the discount signs that actually grabbed my interest; but I can’t help but love the print. It was abstract and sort of reminded me of cou

Julia B/W short cotton dress. PhP 499.75.

Julia B/W short cotton dress. PhP 499.75.


Now, I also fell in love with the neckline. It doesn’t look that nice dangling by the hanger; but when I wore it, it fell in the right places and accentuated things, uhm, tastefully (haha, the term!). The collar bone I thought was non-existent seemed to be prominent. There’s just enough skin exposed so you can wear a necklace and use that to decide your persona. A short necklace can send the message of being prim and proper – sort of a Stepford wife (as termed by my good friend Jan); while a long necklace can exude a flirtation.

It's not as plunging as it seems.

It's not as plunging as it seems.

So far, I’ve only worn this once – with red open-toed, ankle strapped heels and a short pearl rice necklace. I don’t have a complete outfit shot; but I do have 2 shots channeling 2 personas: a Chinese Stepford wife and a Stepford wife doing groceries.:D

Can't pull off chinky-eyes.

Can't pull off chinky-eyes.

Too many Crests to choose from.

Too many Crests to choose from.


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