The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 16: Whatever Keeps Me Movin’ and Groovin’.

Day 16 – Your views on mainstream music.

The two definitions of “mainstream music” that I’m taking from Urban Dictionary are:

Music that’s usually on the radio, Top 40 and is well-known to the general public.

Commercialized music that is extremely popular among people. Depending on the generation, mainstream music may be great or it may be garbage.
I’m not a music enthusiast, specifically one who can decide what makes a song good or bad. But I have 3 questions to ask myself before I decide to like a song categorized as “mainstream” and tag it as good:
1. Does it make me want to sing  along?
2. Does it make me want to bop my head or dance along with it?
3. Does it give me good vibes?
If my answer is YES to all 3 questions, then expect me to drown myself in those songs and, if you work with me in the office, watch me plug my earphones in my ears, bop my head and lip sync all day loooong. Since I have my own criteria for which mainstream music I’d say is good, I don’t push my choices to other people if they don’t like it at the beginning. Although you must excuse me if I suddenly sit next to you, hum my fave songs then sorta do some dance move (right, current work girlfriend Jan?). There’s this fascination that I’d start a flash dance mob. 😛
Okay, so let me just share the 3 mainstream songs I’ve been movin’ and groovin’ to:
  • Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera (Come on! Whistle along!)
  • Super Bass by Nicki Minaj (although I like the video made by MoyMoyPalaboy with Rhian Ramos – I crush!!!)
  • Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
And how about you? What makes you move and groove about? 🙂

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