The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 15: Haven’t Been Tumbling.

Day 15 – Your favorite Tumblrs.

EEEEEEP!!! I may have a Tumblr account since last year but I haven’t been using it because I didn’t (still don’t, actually) know how to really use it. However, there’s ONE Tumblr that I check from time to time and that’s my current work bestfriend’s account: Me iz Jas.

Jas mostly reposts from other Tumblrs and from those reposts, I click on those I find interesting and I’m led to other posts of those other Tumblrs. From the clicks I did, these were my favorites:

Wow! Weddings.

Fuck Yeah Streetlights

Dreams of Happily Ever After.

The World We Live In.

Hotellier | Luxury | Hotels | Restaurants

Go visit them links above! 🙂


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