Backtrack: How I Spent My 27th.

Exactly at 12:01 AM of August 16, I turned 27. Yes, I am that old many (imagine me counting up to 27 with my fingers).  And exactly at that time I was asleep. 😛 Who could blame me, what with all the food intake I had the day before?

I woke up at around 6-ish and literally rolled myself off the bed. Sleep was yummy, especially when I’m snuggling my life-size pillow (which is a gift from the boyf).

As I walked out the room to the hallway, I was greeted and hugged by my li’l bro who was rushing off to school. I didn’t get to take his pic but here’s how he looks like:

While waiting for my bath water to heat up, I checked the updates on my SNS sites. Read a touching FB birthday message from my current work girlfriend, Jan.

Something in the TV/Computer area caught my eye, which made me go near it ‘coz I wasn’t wearing eye glasses/contact lenses at that time.

After taking a bath and dressing up, I read up on today’s teaching and secret. 😛

Drove out of the garage and made my way to the office in McKinley.

Slow traffic.

Good thing I had RX 93.1 in the background. TMR’s Chico and Delamar kept me laughing with their antics. 😀

Not much pictures in the office since I was in whole day training for advanced ABAP.

Some of my teammates, serious at work surfing the net. 😛

Why look, I’ve got a gift from my “girlfriends”! In a surprising packaging of paper cup and tissue. 😀

Apparently, my girlfriends are color coded. Hahaha!

Taking a peek in the very creative packaging.

Miniature me and my girlfriends.

Raya, JC (why he’s a girlfriend, I’m not sure…haha!), me, Becca, Jan and Jas.

After work, Raya hitched a ride with me. I dropper her off at Sucat then made my way to Gold’s Gym in Alabang. Didn’t get to take pics there because… well, it’s a gym. People there might think I’m stalking them if I took pictures.:P

Went home in time for dinner. I guess the trip to the gym wasn’t worth it. Haha! We just had a simple dinner because we decided to have a joint celebration with the whole family on August 18, which is my dad’s birthday.

My not-so-li’l bro, happily content with what he ate.

My (and my li’l bro’s too) fave cake from Goldilocks.

We just had to take a group picture. Here I am mistakenly clicking on the camera without setting the timer on. Do notice my li’l bro’s right arm. He’s holding out this contraption thing where the camera’s at the other end.

Take 1! But my li’l bro didn’t like it coz you can see a part of his hand holding onto something. Plus Papa said the cake was cut off.

Take 2! Okay, the whole cake’s in the pic but the framing on top doesn’t look nice.

There were a LOOOOT of shots like the last 2 above. My li’l bro kept on wanting to take another pic so that his arm wouldn’t show but that seemed impossible. Sooo… I went to my room and got another contraption – a mini-tripod. Good thing I had one so we could finish taking a decent pic of the 4 of us. 🙂

Crossing my fingers for extra luck on my birthday wish!

I take my birthday wishes seriously.

Okay, I’m decided! Lemme take a blow on my candles!

What happened?!? They didn’t blow out!!!

Since my dad’s birthday was a couple of days away, my li’l bro made a pre-birthday cake (a.k.a macaroon). 😛 Papa looks kawawa. Hahaha!!!

Here I am cutting my cake while my dad points out to my mom how little his cake was. 😀

I spent the last few hours of August 16 replying to people who greeted me all through out the day. I didn’t celebrate my actual birthday with a bang but I’m always happy to spend it simply and with people I love the most. 🙂



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