The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 10: “Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight…”

Day 10 – Discuss your first love and first kiss.

For most, their first kiss would be with their first love. But not for me. It’s not that I didn’t “love” the person I had my first kiss with; butΒ  looking back, I’d have to categorize that person as my first puppy love. πŸ˜›



Going back to the actual first kiss… Unfortunately, there wasn’t any romantic setting when it happened. No love songs playing in the background. No stars blanketing the dark night sky. No privacy, even. What was there was the ol’ reliable Truth or Dare. Yep. My very first kiss was brought about by a dare that one of my best friends strategically conjured up to my object of wishful desire. Little nerdy me was protesting half-heartedly while thinking, “I should’ve taken that mint earlier. ARRRGH!!!” A few seconds of shrieking in fake-terror with a pinch of excitement, “the” kiss happened. Applause and cheers can be heard. I was certain my cheeks flushed bright red while my heart pounded like the little drummer boy on Christmas. The guy smiled at me and I could just die at that moment. My life was complete (how emotional and irrational teens get, right?). Fortunately for me, the guy I was crushing on actually liked me and wanted to, excuse the old-fashion term, court me. After a couple of months dating, we did end up as boyfriend and girlfriend (again, the emotions get the best of teens!). My first kiss was with my first boyfriend and puppy love. Insert sparks somewhere here. πŸ˜›

Now, for the first love.

When I read Day 10’s topic, I immediately got into reminiscing about my past loves. There’s one guy that kept on popping out from the memory bubbles streaming in my mind. That guy will be known as Blah-Blah (my imagination’s at its lowest peak now). I won’t be putting specific references here in time and place for my fear of him (“Aha! At least we know it’s a guy!” – Phoebe) stumbling upon this post. But I’ll give as much details as needed. πŸ˜› So, Blah-Blah and I met at a class. He was with his clique, I was with mine. One day, the inevitable group work based on count-offs forced us to introduce ourselves to each other and in the coming weeks, work on a project. We became good friends, having occasional lunches and gimiks with our now new formed and merged clique. He was a fun guy. Always smiling, always positive. He really wasn’t my type, but I never had such a thing. He had a girl back then, as far as I knew at that time. But for some reason, he was always – how do I term this? … “present” in my daily life. A text, a call, a chat between classes, an invite to have lunch or watch a movie just the two of us. As the ultimate guy’s best friend, I never put any meaning to his actions. We had one-on-one activities not dates, as far as I’m concerned.

Fast-forward to the time I fell in love with him… He never had a girl. It just seemed like that because he’s close to the girl I thought he was in a relationship with. So the one-one-one activities had been promoted to dates. The more we got to know each other, the more we got close. The more time we spent with each other, the more sweet surprises I got. πŸ™‚ He’d taught me the value of passion and making my dreams come true. In fact, he was the one who had triggered my then-dying drive to write. He was the one who reminded me to love myself wholly first before others. I got to know his family, whom I absolutely adored. They were welcoming and made me feel like I’m part of their happy home. The moment I had decided that the feeling I was feeling was love was when Blah-Blah, his family and I went to mass together. There I was sitting on the pew with them, as if I’d been doing that for years. Come the “Our Father”, Blah-Blah held my hand and squeezed it tight giving me reassurance on this small dilemma I have about the next part of the mass. “Sign of Peace” commenced and I waited until Blah-Blah kissed his parents’ cheeks before I made my move. I went up to Blah-Blah’s parents with the intent to do the beso-beso. His parents hugged me and his mom whispered to my ear, “Peace be with you, anak. I hope you can hear mass with us more.” Blah-Blah was beaming at me and then hugged me. He whispered, “My family loves you. More importantly, I love you.” BAM! Hook, line and sinker! πŸ˜›



It sounds like I fell in love with his family, which was true. It just formalized my thoughts and feelings about Blah-Blah. Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle. Most of the pieces were from the talks, dates and what-nots Blah-Blah and I had together. The crucial piece, the last one that will complete the puzzle was that mass. I can finally have it framed and hung on the center of my heart.

That would have been an awesome love story; but unfortunately, to emphasize. Blah-Blah was my first love. Certain circumstances made Blah-Blah and I decide to part. It was such sweet sorrow. But no regrets. In fact, I still have that framed puzzle somewhere, but now it’s inΒ  corner of my mind, along with other happy memories.:)


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