The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 9: Adjective-filled Future.

Day 9 Topic: How you hope your future will be.

My post for Day 2 has specifically mentioned 5 ‘places’ I would want to be in 10 years. That still holds true for how I hope my future would be. However, to take today’s topic to a new spin, I’ll answer it with adjectives. 🙂

I hope my future will be bright, colorful and inspiring. Simple as that.



Bright. How good life is when you see it clearly before you. Better, it would be, if you can actually even imagine and believe that the days to come will be clear as well. I pray that my future would be laid out with a wide selection of opportunities and the luxury of time to try as much of those opportunities as possible. I pray that my future would be full of hope and confidence, the way the sunlight trickles through the dark rain clouds that have played a threat. I pray when I do get lost along the way, I would be guided by following the light welcoming me to a grand destination that is my life. 🙂



Colorful. How beautiful it is to see a rainbow in the sky? How happy a kid could be when given a box of crayons? And how more enjoyable your life would be when you’ve experienced a lot? Right now, I’m a bit disappointed how I act like a coward – afraid to try something new, like food or a travel spot or an activity. That’s why I hope that as I take each step closer to my future, I would be taking that step along for an adventure. 5, 10, 15 or more years from now, I would not just walk through life but dance. Every skip and shuffle would equate to a more vibrant color in my life.



Inspiring. Years from now, I would like to reach my finish line with a smile on my face and the feeling of happiness within me. My future would be sooo awesome that it actually would inspire me to take a huge leap, to go through life armed only with zest. The journey I would’ve been skipping and shuffling about would be the testament of a life lived best. I pray that my life would not only inspire me but others as well.

I hope to have a bright, colorful and inspiring future. It sounds simple enough but a bit challenging to follow through on its completion. However, I do have faith in me and in the Lord that that wonderful future up ahead of me will be in my grasp.

How about you? How do you see your future? 🙂


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