The 30 Days Blog Challege, Day 6: Hi, Hello, My Name Is…

Day 6: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

Not sure if I’m interesting enough to fill up 30 slots, but let’s try. Random thoughts, let’s go!

1 – I used to dance and wish I could dance again.

C2T6 dancers.

C2T6 dancers.

2 – 10 years of studying the piano and I still can’t read notes at will.

3 – After watching Lea Salonga in “Miss Saigon” in my early teens, I dreamt of working in theater. As an actress, a playwright or even a production designer… as long as I get to workΒ  in theater.

Miss Saigon.

4 – Up until today, I enjoy reading Young Adult (YA) books.

5 – Β  I go to a mall, I just have, have, HAVE to visit a bookstore.

6 – I β™₯ cheesy, romantic comedies (ie. One More Chance, My Amnesia Girl, My Sassy Girl).

7 – I have a starfish’s body. My wrists and ankles are veeery tiny while the rest of my body…not so tiny. πŸ˜›

Patrick Starfish.

Patrick Starfish.

8 – Tulips make me smile. πŸ™‚

Purple tulips.

Purple tulips.

9 – I’ve watched all 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for at least 10 times.

"So no one told you life was gonna be this way..."

"So no one told you life was gonna be this way..."

10 – New York is my ultimate destination. F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Miss Saigon (broadway) made me fall in love and pursue NY.

The Big Apple.

The Big Apple.

11 – I played, and wish to play again, table tennis, tennis and soccer.

12 – I prefer guys who play soccer.

13 – In soccer, I wanted to be a forward but was always the center midfielder. Blame it on a past love who taught me how to play and had the same position.

14 – Things with bilog-bilogs freak me out. It’s because of the picture I saw of the sacred lotus of Asia in an encyclopedia back when I was a kid. They remind me of creepy eyes. As a results, I do not eat kare kare because of the twalya, which sorta has the bilog-bilogs.Β  ***I can’t even bear to put a picture of it here as it creeps me out THAT bad.

15 – When my scolio is acting up, I itch to do a back bend.



16 – If I had my way, I’d name myself Samantha or Charlene so I can have a guy-ish nickname like Sam/Sammy or Charlie.

17 – I prefer sunset over sunrise.



18 – Every December, I wrap all the gifts thatΒ  my family would be giving away. The only gifts they wrap are the ones they’d be giving me. πŸ˜›



19 – Since highschool, I’ve completed the 9-day Simbang Gabi. πŸ˜€

20 – August is my favorite month. It’s not only my birthday month, but my older brother’s, older sister’s (yup, they’re twins!) and dad’s birthday month! Foood galore! πŸ˜›

21 – I was born exactly at 12:01 AM on August 16. My mom was hoping I would be born on August 15 – the feast of the Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary.

22 – Cakes and cupcakes make my tummy veeery happy. πŸ˜›



23 – I’m a huge crybaby.

24 –Β  I don’t write well with a sign pen. Ballpens are my choice!

25 – During a field demonstrating practice when I was in Grade 2, I ate an ant because Vandolph Quizon, who was 1 batch younger than I am and was sitting near our class, said it would help make your voice sound sweeter.

26 – Everytim e I pass by Magallanes, I remember and miss the old South Supermarket that was there before

27 – I don’t like odd numbers, except for 27. And look! This is the 27th in my list! πŸ˜€

28 – I like airplane and hospital food.

Plane food.

Plane food.

29 – The Beatles’ songs calm me, along with other ‘oldie’ songs (every Sunday, my parents would have the radio tuned to “their” station, where songs from their time were played)

30 – I would love to get a writing gig for a magazine. πŸ˜€


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