The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 4: Rock on, God!

Day 4 Topic: Your views on religion.

Born and raised as a Catholic, I’ve tried my best to live the life of one. I have to admit, I’m not that “Rock on, God!” type of Catholic. The type who goes to Church every 1st Friday/Saturday of the month, joins prayer groups and rallies and actively spreads the Word of God and .  Not that I have anything against those who do them. In fact, I’m at awe with them. People  who can vocally defend or inspire others with their faith are the people who I believe have found the roots of their religion, whatever that may be.

God exists. That much I believe in.There’s still a lot more I need to know about Him but it’s an on-going process. Right now, I’d like to view my belief as a relationship with a friend. I trust and confide in Him; but at the same time, I would like to help Him out – in whatever way I could do so. Helping out my family, friends and those in need. Doing my best to live out the His Commandments. Taking time to read and understand His Words. These are just tiny things that I do to help Him out. Make Him worry on one less of His children.

There are temptations everywhere, everyday. They’ll be the ultimate tests of how strong your faith is and how your religion’s teachings can help you say no to them.

I’m not a bad Catholic, neither a good one. I’m still in-between. I believe in God and His Words; but I’m still a working progress. There’s still time for me to deepen my relationship with Him. As my first step, I will talk and listen to Him through prayer. 🙂 Let me just share one of my favorite Bible verses:

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need & thank Him for all He has done.” – Philippians 4:6

As I admitted, I'm still a working progress. 🙂


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