Bits of Paris.

There are a few things that Paris owns that I have come to somehow own too.

1. A veeery basic knowledge of the French language.

“Mon billet, mon billet! Je ne trouve pa mon billet!”

2. Little trinkets (earrings, key chain, a replica of Tour de Eiffel that lights up) bought by my boyfriend when he got a chance to roam the streets of Paris.

3. A famous horse race track c/o my older brother, Kuya Ian. 🙂

Horse race track.

Well, you might have guessed that I do not actually own a race track. 😛 What I do own is something that came from a company named after a famous horse race track in Paris… a Longchamp bag!

If you know me well enough, I’m not into brands (read: expensive). However, if opportunity would hand me something  tagged as a ‘luxurious’ brand, I wouldn’t mind grasping onto that something. 😛 So opportunity in the person of my older brother handed me this big paper bag, which made my eyes bulge out in disbelief.

Huge ass paperbag. *squeals*

Huge ass paperbag. *squeals*

Like a kid on her birthday or Christmas, I rushed to peek inside the paper bag, imagining some sparkly, ginormous brand new something. Soon enough, I started to laugh when I saw the small folded-up bag lying inside the paper bag.



The Longchamp bag I got is the Le Pliage, in moss green with “pliage” as the French word for “folding”. How apt! I think I’ll make use of this for when I go on travels. Instant additional carry-on when going home! 🙂

Folded up.

Folded up.

I’ve been using this bag a lot on weekends, when I go rushing to wherever I’m supposed to go. It’s convenient for me to stuff in it my other small bag organizers/pouches, my journal and, sometimes, a book. I have to admit that it’s not the most shoulder-friendly bag I’ve used because it doesn’t have a ‘hard’ structure on the bottom. With all your stuff put into it, the bottom of the bag just lumps downward without distributing the weight evenly, making your bag-carrying-shoulder bear the heavy pain. It’s spacious, though, but without much compartments, so better make use of those bag organizers/pouches if you’re a little on the organized side as I am. 😛



Thank you, Kuya Ian, for the bag. It not only adds to my very narrow selection of bags, it also adds another item that triggers my wild imagination of traveling (yes, I did imagine walking down Champs-Élysées with my Le Pliage on my shoulder). 😛


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