DSF #2.

Just around a week went by since the debut of my Department Store Finds post and here I am again, sharing another item I purchased from SM. So what is it?

Take a guess…or better yet, read on. πŸ™‚As they say, a girl can never have too many shoes so shoes I bought. πŸ˜› Lookie at my light gray wedges fromΒ  SM Parisian!

SM Parisian light gray wedges. PhP 799.75

SM Parisian light gray wedges. PhP 799.75

I’m not that short nor are my legs an eyesore but a few extra inches and a long-legged illusion are most welcomed by me. Heels and pumps are the usual for when it comes to the height and the illusion but those are still high-up the shoe hierarchy and my feet are not yet ready for such royalty. That’s why wedged shoes are heaven-sent for me. With their thick and wide “heels”, I am able to somehow practice standing straight up and walking fluidly at a height. My feet and calves get a taste of what it’s like to be “up there”.

I chose this relatively new DSF of mine mainly because of its:

1. Color. For me, light gray bordering white whispers elegance and, at the same time, coyly demands attention. I can picture myself wearing a colored top, a black skirt and this pair of shoes then think “I mean business!”.

2. Simple yet eye-catching design. My attention is always grabbed by small details that somehow give off a huge presence.The 3 strips and the ribbon add a touch of playfulness in the midst of the color’s elegant-feel. If I wear this with a black tank top and a multi-colored bubble skirt, I’d assume the character of a ballerina.

Ribbon detail.

Ribbon detail.

For a pair of shoes priced at PhP 799.75, the quality and the design are actually good enough. So far, after wearing them a couple of times, my feet haven’t complained much and I could stand and walk comfortably as I would when in flats.

Would you like to step in my shoes and try it on? Just for kicks. πŸ™‚

Let's take a walk.

Let's take a walk.




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