Department Store Finds – The Debut.

Shopping has always been a kryptonite for me. Shopping for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, that is. For someone like me who’s struggling to find her girly-ness, shopping can swing from being an arduous task to a relaxing break.

Usually, I have 3 questions in mind when I go clothes/shoes/bags/accessories-shopping:

1. Does it look good on me? / Does it make me look good?  / Does it fit well?

2. Do I need it?

3.  Can I afford it?

If I can answer “Yes” to all 3 questions, then you can just see me clutching on whatever clothing/shoes/bag/accessory that is and flashing my credit card to the rather cheery lady behind the cash register. Now, I discovered that I usually get to answer “Yes” easily to all 3 of my criterion when I go shopping in Department Stores. Thus,  this post, which is the debut for posts on my random Department Store Finds (DSF). 🙂

Shoemart, or SM, is the most accessible mall/department store for me. I find their clothes/shoes/bags/accessories selections growing and getting better. So, on a quest to buy items that I can both wear for work and for casual setting plus are commute-friendly (meaning they’re not shouting, “I’m an expensive brand that everyone raves about…I’m worth a lot!”), I looted the following:

Checkered B&W shoulder bag.

SM Grab's checkered B&W shoulder bag. PhP 349.75.

As a commuter, I’ve been searching for a not-so-big-looking bag that is wide enough to house my cosmetics bag, wallet, iPod Touch, personal journal, umbrella and book. The black and white checkered bag from SM‘s Grab (though I’m not sure if it’s an in-house brand) is just perfect for me! I’ve been using it as my default office bag and gotten compliments for it as well! 🙂 It’s nothing fancy but for its price and its use, for me I say…”Not bad…not bad at all!”

Black flats.

SM Parisian black flats. PhP 499.75

I looove this pair of flats! It’s plain black but with details (look at that pseudo-stitching!) that make it look classic. You can count on Parisian of SM for a wide range of shoe selections. They really are paving a way to offer our lovely feet the options to wear classic flats to bold-statement wedged/heeled shoes.

SM Blanc et Noir 3/4 sleeved sheer top. PhP 649.75.

SM Blanc et Noir 3/4 sleeved sheer top. PhP 649.75.

My fave purchase so far! 🙂 I would’ve wanted that the top was available in any bright colors but as the brand name implies, Blanc et Noir, they’re all about the blacks and whites. I’ve actually worn this top already and I felt pretty then. Well maybe because my boyf told me I looked extra gorgeous in it. 😛 For someone like me living in a tropical country, sheer tops are a must! It’s comfy to wear and walking in the humid metro will be a breeze (literally!). I think I’ll be searching for more sheer tops.

Looks like for this post, everything I bought was black or white. Which is good for me. As a novice shopper, I would have to build on the basics and black and white is a right starting point. I’m hoping for my next DSF, I’d deviate from the B&Ws. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Department Store Finds – The Debut.

  1. I like this entry!! MORE TO COME CUZ! I’m one of your avid fan. You know that!! On a different note, I got you something from MNG. HEHEHE. Secret muna for now.

    • You’ve always been my #1 fan. Like I am to you! Shopping isn’t the same without you. No one can check my butt when I’m trying on pants. Huhuhu! What’s my MNG gift?!?! The paper bag would suffice, you know!

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