On Friends Leaving.

Scratch that. I meant “On Friends Reaching for their Dreams”.

The girls I love the most.

The girls I love the most.

The picture above was taken on my 23rd birthday celebration. It was a rare occassion that all 7 of us (village) friends are complete because Dang (the one in pink seated beside me) already migrated to Canada with her hubby while the rest of us struggle to get a common schedule amidst the hustle and bustle of work and other personal plans.

Almost a month ago, only 2 from our group were in other countries. Now, only 3 of us remain in our homeland. And now, I feel sad. 😦

Okay. Let me just clarify that last sentence without being clingy and territorial (which I know I am right now). I’m not a very friendly person. In fact, I’m shy bordering snobbish. First impressions aren’t my thing and I rely on my “grow on you” skills (thanks ex #5 for the term!) to get a conversation going. This is why I treasure these 6 individuals who have accepted and loved me for who I am. My life wouldn’t have been as exciting and wonderfully chaotic if they weren’t in the picture (a pun!).

No matter how much I miss my friends living abroad, I still am happy and proud of each and one of them. They are living examples of people who are courageous to go for their goals and succeed at it. In fact, let me introduce my lovely girls who are living their dreams…


Dang. The “Ate” of our group. She was the one who introduced me and my cousin to the rest of our barkada. I will be forever grateful to her for a LOOOT of things, namely slapping me back to sanity after the worst breakup of my life. She might be gajillions of miles away, but she found the right (trigger) words to type up during a random chat of ours to wake me out of a pathetic nightmare. She got married, moved to Canada, took further studies there and is now advocating education for the less fortunate Filipino kids via The Bata Project (<– click to know more and how YOU can help) .

Pat. A tough girl with such a big heart. I love talking or just listening to Pat. She is straightforward and will let you know what she thinks about anything. It’s rare to have friends like that. One who can just tell you the painful truth without letting you feel you’re being attacked. Pat also is a diva…she sings her heart out while driving, which is all the entertainment you need during a long ride. 🙂 Currently, she’s in San Francisco taking up her MBA, and, as I’d like to believe, falling in love. ♥


Arl.Arl. My bestest friend and cousin of 26 years.!I miss Arl the most. See, half of our lives were spent nearby each other. We live in the same village, went to the same grade/high school and shared similar circles of friends. While texting with her before her flight flew, I cried my eyes out in the office. Arl’s my ultimate dear diary and knows almost everything that have been happening to me. It sucks not being able to pick up the phone and call Arl’s house to rant or rave about something or to invite her out to a window shopping extravaganza. But I know being able to work abroad as a nurse has been one of her ultimate goals and I am more than happy to support her all the way. If I could, I’d call her everyday, bombard her with questions as to how living in Doha, Qatar is like and if she feels she’s independent already what with living away from the family.

Dee. Nope, she doesn’t have a kid. That cute baby above is her niece. But it isn’t a surprise that Dee would be around kids. She loooves kids! She has overflowing energy and a bubbly personality, both of which can make me wonder how someone who pours hours on work, family and boyfriend still have an ounce of. Dee is my idol. She’s younger than I am but career-wise and financial-wise, she seems to be ahead. I’ve never met anyone as hardworking and optimistic like Dee. There’s a lot more in store for her as she goes to Connecticut for her Master’s.


As for the rest of the barkada who are still in the Philippines, well, we have yet to save up so we can visit our lovely friends in Manitoba, California, Connecticut and Qatar. 🙂 See ya sometime, QVs! *mwah*



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