Tears, snot and shoes.

As I mentioned in my last post, if my eye vision grade goes past 3.50 and my scolio goes past 12 degrees, I will cry. Last Friday, I had my follow up consultations. I got my results from my opthalmologist first and both my eyes have increased their grades. My left eye is now 3.25 with 0.75 astigmatism and my right’s now 3.50.  It got me sad but I didn’t cry.

Then I headed to my orthopedic doctor. He said my scolio has turned 15 degrees but it’s still a good thing because it won’t get any worse. He wrote a prescription that made me sadder…8 sessions of physical therapy and a supplement for my weak muscles.

Before heading back home, I slumped on one of the chairs then cried. Well, not cried CRIED. Tears slowly fell down because I felt I was aging too fast and all these physical problems I have might stop me from doing the things I need/want to do.

Oh well. I shook off the dreadful feeling and thoughts, went to a nearby mall and window-shopped. Yes, retail can make a girl feel good…even if it’s just viewing merchandise display. 😛

Friday may have been free from any splurges but Saturday didn’t. I planned to buy clothes but I ended up by…

Why, is that a Charles & Keith bag?!


One of the many pairs I’ve been lusting after.

Charles and Keith is one of the brands I’ve always trusted for quality. My first ever pair was bought on sale (PhP 800) and it lasted for 3 years even if I’ve kept on using it for the office. For a long time, I keep on looking in Charles and Keith stores but they mostly have sky-high heels which don’t appeal to me. So when I checked this weekend and saw a lot of kitten heels and wedges, my mind started to chant, “I’ve got to have this!” for every pair I liked.

Apart from my purchase, time spent with my friends had made me feel much better and positive with my health. I really have to go back to sports and watch what I eat and drink. Tennis, anyone? 😛


One thought on “Tears, snot and shoes.

  1. join Moe on his saturday tennis sessions…. heheheh

    as for Retail theraphy.. agree! i love shoes as well! Saw one in hush puppies earlier.. hehehe… After reading this… i missed it more.. hahaha! i’ll buy it this weekend!

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