Hey 2011!

Yep, I’m greeting 2011 on this blog since it’s my very first post for the year. Add to that my decision to use January as my “planning” month for my life goals.

Okay, fine. I’m using my “planning” efforts as an excuse about why I didn’t get to blog for about 2 months. There have been A LOOOT of things, both good and bad, going on. I thank God that there has been a lot more of the good. I thank God even more that for those few bad things that occurred, well…they’ve already passed and yes, it’s true, they made me know more of who I am and of what I’m capable of.

So what are some of the things that kept my January oh-so-preoccupied? Aside from work (which I’m still praying to God that I get a hang of), I made my life goals corkboard, enrolled myself in a Nihongo class and battled over the fact that I’ve been sickly.  I also spent a lot of time with my village clique (QVs) and with my family…but I’ll save those stories for another post. 😛

1. Life Goals corkboard. 3 years ago, I started to reflect and think about what I wanted to do and accomplish in my life. I listed down on paper all the things I knew I just have to do or even wanted to do just for the heck of it. Given that I’m a visual person, I put up a corkboard with cut outs of pictures illustrating some of my goals and of letterings stating positive and encouraging messages. It was only this year when I reviewed my current goals and updated them accordingly. I’m looking forward in accomplishing each and every one of them.


My Life Goals corkboard.


Of course I had to somehow remove the other parts because they are personal goals. However, I’m sharing a few for viewing because those who know me well enough can attest that I have been harboring a huge crush on these particular goals. 😛 & yes, I know…I have to brush up on my photo editing skills because I have zilch! Can you spot my Photoshop 101 goal, though? 😀

2. Nihongo Kaiwa. I finally got the courage to sign up for a conversational Nihongo classes. So far I’ve been to 2 classes and I can Konnichiwa and Sumimasen anyone’s ass off! Just don’t ask for my contact numbers because I can’t get past ichi-ni-san without pausing for at least 3 minutes to get to yon. Why Nihongo? It’s one of the 3 languages I’ve always wanted to learn (although not as in-depth as I’d want to learn French). Plus, it would be very useful for me since I have relatives there who are half-Japanese (I have such cute nieces named Rina Ru & Sarah), my current role at work is dealing with our Japanese counterparts and I plan to go back to Japan for a stress-free vacation (we got lost one time in Osaka and we had a hard time asking for directions) .


Gambatte kudasai!

If my sensei saw the above picture, I can just imagine her eyes getting wider and saying some Nihongo words that would mean “Why the hell?!?“. The 2 small books are the type of books she advised us NEVER to use because they seem to confuse beginners with their lack of instructions.  My favorite Japanese expression would be “Gambatte kudasai”, which is meant to say to someone you want to encourage. It’s synonymous to the Korean’s “Aja aja”.


3. Blurry vision, sore eyes, spastic back, sore throat, chills and fever. Dr. House wouldn’t want to have a boring case like mine; but I don’t mind. However, I do mind that my case contained a series of sickness coming all at once in just one month. I told my mom, my boyfriend and my bestfriend that I will cry like crazy if my eye vision grade goes up past 3.50. I will also cry like crazy if my scolio has turned greater than 12 degrees. So I’m praying hard that come this Friday, after my follow-up consultations are done, I can keep my eyes free of tears and my nose free of running snot.

Tears and snot free, please!

The above picture is just of after my checkup with my opthalmologist and my orthopedic doctor. I had to use eye drops for my sore eyes, resort to longer time of wearing eye glasses, taking muscle relaxants for my back and go have my xray (4k!!!). My meds from my ENT doctor aren’t included because that was just yesterday and I have yet to get my stash from my dad.  Damn…I’m now a lola.

So, hey 2011! Thanks for a great start! Although please be gentle and caring when it comes to my health. I promise to take care of myself more just work with me, okay? February’s started and we have lots more to do, experience, see, hear, taste… Here we go!


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