After a 4 hour journey from Manila, Philippines via flight PR 408, my family (Papa + Mama + Jr) and I disembarked Philippine AirlinesAirbus 340-300 and stepped on the grounds of Osaka, Japan!

Hello, Osaka, Japan!

Well, technically, we stepped on the grounds of Kansai International Airport, which I just learned (from Google-ing) is build on an artificial island in Osaka Bay. Cool, eh? Yeah, I know…I get amazed easily. What else amazed me was the biometrics and identification system they have for foreigners getting in the city/country. To ensure tight security against terrorism, they make the foreigners scan both hands’ forefingers and smile (although optional) to a camera, logging in your details of your identity. I wish Philippines would have that same system for their airports.

Okay, so from the airport, our relatives (my aunt who’s married to my Japanese uncle) picked us up and drove us to our hotel, Hotel Hillarys, located at Nipponbashi (aka Den-Den Town). It’s 1 hour away from Kansai International Airport and surrounded by different consumer electronics and anime shops, which I have yet to check out. We arrived at the hotel at around 8pm & most shops were closed. My uncle said that Sundays in Japan mostly have the people staying at home and relaxing or doing house chores.

Tomorrow starts the week of us being tourists. I’m but at the same time nervous. Excited because it’s my first time in Japan and I know adventures await us; nervous because it seems that not much places have English-speaking folks making it a bit harder to shop/explore/etc. Good thing we have relatives here who are willing to show us around and step in when Nihonggo needs to be said.

I was supposed to blog about some sort of  review or impression on Hotel Hillarys but I seemed to have rambled on my day. I feel like a kid in a new playground, eager to run around and check out the “swings” and “slides”. Will post about our hotel soon along with pictures.



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