Spa + buffet = half a sloth & half a glutton.

It’s about a month since I last blogged. Ever since I got back from Singapore, the days leading up to today have been crazy busy that I never got the time to relax and chill again. My boyfriend has been feeling the same and because of it, he recommended we go have a massage. YAY!!!

Initially, we were supposed to go to Tagaytay to find a spa there before having lunch with my girlfriends; but that didn’t push through. So the boyf suggested we go to Wensha Spa Center in Pasay City. We’ve heard of the spa before from some friends and also read a few reviews online & decided it’s worth a try.

Wensha Spa Center is a 24-hour spa that offers a whole set of services (i.e facial/hand & foot/body treatments, hair waxing, manicures/pedicures, etc) along with a complementary buffet. The spa’s other amenities include the jacuzzi, steam and sauna. When the spa opened, they allowed their guests to stay for as long as 12 hours since they got in; however, now, they only give a maximum of 6 hours stay. I think that was a wise move on their part. The costs they incurred for when they allow their clients to stay for half a day must have been sky-high! Personally, I wouldn’t stay in a spa for any longer than 4 hours.

So how was my experience with Wensha Spa Center? Let’s break it down to the pros and the cons. I’d include pictures if I could but the spa didn’t allow picture taking once you’ve gotten past the front desk and entered their dining/locker/wet/massage areas.


  • Systematic “check-in”. Upon requesting for the service you want on the front desk, you’re given a locker key bracelet that can be worn even when you’re in the shower or having a massage. The same locker key bracelet would also signify the pigeon hole where your shoes will be placed prior entering the locker room and allows the spa staff to track guests who have already been provided their 2 towels and 1 bathrobe.
  • Sensor-type lockers. I found the lockers amusing. With the locker key bracelet on your wrist, you can just press the small circle kinda-magnet-looking part on the locker door’s own small circle-kinda-magnet-looking part and voila…your locker opens!
  • Hair-dryers, shampoo, conditioner, cotton buds, disposable toothbrushes…etc. I loved that they made toiletries available mostly because of the fact that I didn’t bring my own *blushes*. This would be a great appeal to those who spontaneously dropped by to get a massage.
  • Well-worth body massage. I had their signature body treatment, Wensha Body Massage, which is a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massages. I have to say my masseuse really removed those pesky knots I had in my back and stretched me out real good. I’m happy that the masseuse I got was very friendly and sensitive to my needs (she noticed I flinched a little, apologized immediately and asked if she should lower the pressure before proceeding).
  • Hot-pot! A choice of squid/fish/meat balls, dimsum, sliced beef, etc. you could cook at your table. Yummy enough for me. 🙂


  • A little dingy interior design. Despite the amusing lockers and the available amenities and toiletries, the overall look of the locker room and the wet area is a little disappointing. I felt like I was in a huge common bathroom and a deteriorating one at that. I wish they could’ve given more effort in sprucing the place up a little.
  • Nothing special with the buffet. Although I enjoyed the hot pot, the overall selection of the buffet was so-so. If I didn’t have a good experience w/ the body treatment, I would’ve been more pissed with the food.
  • Common room for the massages. Now, they do have a separate areas for male and females & they do have private rooms (2 persons per room); but they also do have this common area with beds in a row. Even if the common area is dimly lit, I still felt a little conscious with girls coming in while the masseuse is pulling on my head in efforts to stretch out my neck muscles.
  • Noisy folks. I didn’t feel 100% relaxed during my massage because there were people outside the common room who were chatting it up loudly. Plus points to my masseuse who excused herself so she can request those noisy people to pipe it down.

All in all, I’d say my experience at Wensha Spa Center was good. I hadn’t have massage in about a year and last Saturday was just a reminder that I should get to pamper myself once in a while. My boyf and I are thinking of getting massages once a month just to have that chillax moments after a tiring time with work. Let’s see…now which spa next month? 😛


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