What to pack?!? And, more importantly, how to pack?!?

In a few days, I’ll be flying off to Singapore, mainly to watch the 2010 F1 Singapore Grand Prix and to visit one of my bestest friends, Zy. This means that in a few days, I should have my luggage all packed up with all the necessities to comfortably walk about the humid streets of SG.

Being slightly obsessive-compulsive (and having such a narrow choice of clothes), I’ve actually made my “To Bring” list months ago. I’m 85% confident that I’ll be bringing the right set of clothes and footwear; but I’m 5% sure about how I’ll be packing my stuff. 😦 Despite having gone out of the country a few times, I still am clueless how to pack effectively. Ergh.

So here I am, with an empty luggage, a list of things to bring and this nagging feeling that I have to start packing.  Help, anyone?!


5 thoughts on “WTP?!?

  1. First of all, ang swerte mo you even get to worry about packing cuz you’re going to Singapore for the F1 grand prix! haha.

    Anyway, I used to think a lot about bringing the right set of clothes when I go out of town and I end up bringing too much. Nowadays, I just open my closet, go with my gut feel on what clothes feel right to me, and try to pack light. Ayoko rin kasi ng mabigat na luggage. I plan out what I’m gonna be wearing per day kung short trip lang. I bring an extra set of clothes (shirt, pants/shorts, underwear) just to be sure. You can always buy naman if you run out. 😀

    Enjoy the race! Patingin ng pics pagbalik mo! 😀

  2. Roll, roll, roll your clothes! I think that’s the best way to pack. 🙂

    I don’t bring a lot of jeans because they are heavy! But I don’t think it’s so bad to bring just one because unless you’re a really messy person, you can go on days without washing them. I once went out of the country for a month and took only two pairs with me.

    Your trip sounds like fun! Enjoy F1!

    • I WILL try rolling my clothes! My dad did say it’s a better way to pack. & I’m taking your advice on the jeans. A pair will do on a 7 day trip. I just won’t wear them to Universal Studios (water rides might ruin them…haha!). Thanks, Anne! ::D

  3. Shy!!! You know naman me. Weird ang concerns. Haha!

    Ako baliktad, I bring less. Tsaka hirap pag girl ka na tulad ko na pawisin (TMI, I know!)! 😛

    Yez, I will enjoy the race! I’ve been asking Ape a lot of questions about F1 nga eh so I can fully understand nangyayari. Baka nag-chee-cheer ako pero hindi pala dapat. Wahahah!

  4. Pawisin rin ako! As in sa payat kong ‘to, it’s amazing how I sweat. haha. TMI right back at ya! 😛 Kung mainit kasi, I try to bring presko clothes, like shorts, white shirt, or anything na kahit mapawisan ako, madaling magpatuyo. But since the race will be at night naman, it might not be so hot but I could be wrong. haha.

    Anyway, I’ll probably just download the race and watch it late. I’m rooting for the Red Bulls (Vettel and Webber) and the Ferraris (Alonso and Massa). BASTA HINDI McLAREN. hahaha. Alam ko Ferrari fan din si Ape.

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