The Ex Files.

Today I stayed home and slept most of the day. I had fever, colds, cough and migraine plus I felt so weak. I’ve been praying that I get well soon so I can go back to work (not that I’m a workaholic, I just have a lot of catching up to do) and enjoy my upcoming vacation (to Singapore, yay!).

Oh wait, I’m going off topic. Whooops!

Last night, while I was driving and fighting off grogginess, I had my car radio tuned to RX 93.1. The DJs on-air, 3 girls, were discussing about ex-boyfriends and the (good/beneficial) things they’ve learned from them. Those things included how to drive a stick, how to commute to and from school and even how to kiss “properly” (apparently, you have to have your eyes closed).

The Ex.

Now it got me thinking of MY ex-es. Although by default, my (romantic) relationships with my ex-es are considered failed ones, I could honestly say that they have contributed to building who I am today.

So what has my past taught me that at present I am still thankful for and am enjoying ’til, possible, the future? Well, at the top of my head, it’ll be:

  1. Learning how to play sports. I’ve always been a bit boyish and I enjoyed sports. Although I’m not that good, I loved breaking a sweat brought about playing tennis, table tennis or soccer. Yep, soccer! It’s a sport I fell in love with back in high school. 2 of my ex-es were soccer varsity players and it was always a thrill for me when I get soccer tips and tricks from them (on separate occasions of course). The sport taught me the very essence of discipline (something I need to work on again).
  2. Appreciating the different elements of music. I’m not good and have no specific preferences with bands, artists, genres and even song titles. However, this I guy I dated worked as a DJ and made me look listen to music differently. Whenever we’re at his house, he’d practice on his CDJs, scratching away on it. He’d see me watching and gesture me to come closer as he explains what he’s doing. I didn’t know there are different musical instruments that compose the music of a single song. The guy taught me to separate different beats in a song and try to mix it up with another song’s beats, which has been a relaxing exercise. Like recently, I keep on listening to Bruno Mar’s “Just The Way You Are” and it felt more reminiscent and cheery when I could separate the beats of the bells, the piano and then mix them up all again. 🙂
  3. Watching stand-up comedy. An ex of mine is a stand up comedian – you know, like Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien. I never thought that those type of comedians actually exist in the Philippines. It was a great experience to hear seemingly trivial joke and to see awkward but funny body language from the comics.
  4. Trying out different foods. My dad’s a little cautious (read: paranoid) with the food we eat, especially in places that he’s not familiar with. So for me, it’s an adventure e I get to taste food that I’ve not even heard of. 😛
  5. Enjoying whatever I’m doing, with whoever I’m with at wherever I am. I’m initially a shy person, bordering snobbish. I usually can’t start a conversation with folks I just met and I warm up to people within a period of time. All my ex-es have taught me to loosen up a bit and enjoy the present moment. It’s been an ongoing process – the whole letting go of my guard and dismissing irrational fears. I can say that at this present moment, I’m happy with how things are going in my life.

So…that’s it. What has your ex/-es taught you that you’re thankful for? 🙂


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