To the man I look up to…

Happy, happy birthday to you, Papa!

Father goofing off.

Father goofing off.

Ever since I was a kid, I was told that my dad and I are alike. I thought that their observation flamed from the fact my dad and I were born on August (him on August 18; me on August 16) and are both Leos and  year of the Rats.

Well, I can’t argue much. In a way, my dad and I ARE similar. We’re both quiet, observant and seemingly shy/snobbish. Speaking for myself, that’s initially how I am towards people I’ve just met or I’m not close to. I guess my dad’s that way too, because when he shares to me stories of his travel adventures, I am surprised at the strangers he had talked or mingled with. He tells me anecdotes and historical trivia about the different places he’s been to and the tips and tricks on how to navigate through the roads of some other foreign cities.

My dad’s a smart leader, a good businessman, a well-updated traveller and, most of all, a great father. He has instilled in me the importance of hard work, quiet persistence, determination in everything I do. I hope I can be as strong and will-powered as my dad is.

Papa, I pray for your good health, more business opportunities, more travels with the family and BETTER JOKES! Hahaha! Love you, Pa!


Just because we wanted to be silly.


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