Say hello to Still In The Making.

Well, hello back at ya!:)

I’m Cathy and today I am “launching” this blog along with welcoming my 26th year in life. This blog is my birthday gift challenge to myself. I’ve already stepped into the Quarter Life Crisis zone last year with the intentions of writing more in my personal journal to hone whatever writing skills I might have; then I thought, “Why not step it up a notch?”.  So here I am, on my first post, wondering if I really am allowing myself to write what’s on my mind and letting other folks (whoever would stumble on this blog) read and comment on it. Well, if this post gets published after I type up the last character, I guess I need not wonder anymore.

So why “Still In The Making”? Despite having 3 years being spoon fed by my parents and a yaya, 3 years in pre-school, 7 years in grade school, 4 years in high school, 4 years in college and 3 years in the working force, I  have yet to learn a lot with life. See here, I’m a girl in her mid-twenties without any knowledge or experience on how to put on eyeshadow or nail polish. Add to that fact that I’ve had an IT  education and work but until now, I have just an inkling on what exactly I’d want to end up in my chosen career path. Plus, there are some beliefs and principles I’ve had that I want to work on.

Through this blog, I post and share all the anecdotes, thoughts, opinions and realizations on objects, places, issues, situations and folks I come to face with. Hopefully, I would be able to use my posts as “notes” and “reminders” on the hardest but rewarding subject there is, life. 🙂


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