I’ve got a rainbow for my birthday!

My birthday morning wasn’t as splendid as I hope it would be. I had a 7AM to 4PM shift and despite my alarm buzzing loudly at 5AM, I had forced myself to get up only at around 6AM. Groggy, I drove myself to work and prior going up the entrance to the SkyWay, the delivery truck in front of me suddenly swerved to the left, knocked over a plastic barrel by the expressway and sort of crashed into the other delivery truck in front of it. I had to swerve a bit to the right or I would’ve run over the plastic barrel or crashed into the delivery truck. Thank God nothing bad happened. Even the “sort-of-crash” wasn’t bad since the 2 delivery trucks seemed to have bounced off each other’s fender/bumper like bumper cars.

The rest of the work day flew by fast. I had lunch with my boyfriend, finished some tasks for my initiative and continued investigating on a work issue I had. By the time 4pm came, I still couldn’t let go of the work issue. I told myself I’d stay later to keep on working but I promised a date with the Guy. So I packed my stuff up, bought a cake to bring for my family and drove home.

While driving, I felt a bit frustrated with myself. I’ve been kind of beating myself up for not being able to understand completely the work issues I’ve handled. I kept on fiddling with the car radio, switching to different stations, searching for music that would calm me down. Then at the corner of my left eye, something caught my attention. I looked up from the car radio and there it was…a RAINBOW! 😀

Just like that, nature’s 7 color wonder made me feel A LOT better. I’m not exactly sure why but there’s this some sort of hopeful feeling whenever I see a rainbow. Well, it does appear after rain, signifying that there’s always an end to crappy things.

There's a rainbow always after the rain.Thank You for keeping me (& those other drivers) safe earlier today.
Thank You for the cheery chats and laughs I’ve had with my boyfriend over lunch.
Thank You for making me feel calm as I tackle work this afternoon.
Thank You for all the people who took time to greet me all throughout the day.
Thank You for making me smile and removing that lousy feeling I had.
Thank You for that solemn date we had earlier. Plus for letting me hear that song at the end of the mass.
Thank You for the laughs and the jokes with the folks during dinner.
Thank You for 26 years of a blessed life.
Thank You for the rainbow. 🙂


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