F21’s Beadwork.

Sometimes it’s the littlest details that make something truly stand out. I say this to give a somehow-sound reason for why my credit card underwent swiping when I promised it a September break. ;P

I’d like to blame Globe for its sucky service last Sunday at SM Mall of Asia because I couldn’t get a hold of (text AND call) the boyf when we got separated in the huge crowd. If I got to contact the boyf, I’d have the supervision I badly needed then. But, alas, without the boyf and with my willpower losing to sight of big signs with “SALE” on it, I succumbed to buying 3 accessories from Forever 21. Yikes!

All 3 accessories are made of plastic beads, which you’d think wouldn’t give an oomph; but you just have to see them for yourselves! ๐Ÿ™‚

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A Birthday Wish for A Fairy.

To my dearest god-daughter, Patricia,

Happy birthday, puknooots! You’ve just turned 7 and I can’t help but wonder where the years went by. In those 7 years, you’ve brought our family such wonderful joy what with your witty comebacks and infectious laughter.

Flying to blow candles.

Flying to blow candles.

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Cleaning Out My Closet.

Every Saturday, I try my best to fix my room up. A little sweeping on the dusty floor, putting away newly washed clothes and arranging out-of-place items on my desk or dresser – the usual routine. Doing this gives me a sense of accomplishment. I guess Veronica Mars explained my need to do a-fixin’ best, “The whole ritual cleaning thing is textbook for a reason. For a couple of minutes, you’re in control and everything’s the way it should be…at least on the surface.”

Right now, it feels like a thousand things have happened but I don’t even have a clue on what those things are. Thoughts scramble around in my brain, wanting to be fully noticed but then disappearing because they’re cruel and want me to dig deeper just to find them. I did catch some of them and have been contemplating on their existence. Come meet a couple of my lurking thoughts:

I’m 28!A few weeks ago, I officially stepped into my late-20’s. Nothing bad about that; but it just reminds me that 30 is just 2 blocks away and THAT scares me. 30, for me, would mean I need to have my life figured out or at least have an idea on what direction I should be going. But to tell the truth, I’m utterly and completely lost. As much as I want to stick to “come what may” attitude, I can’t help but panic a little when I realize that what I’m doing and where I am aren’t exactly what I want.


I have a strong personality.Some say I scare the be-jeezus out of people and that I come off snobbish. Well, I guess I do. It’s the first layer I put on so people can’t push me around or take advantage of me. Usually, that layer’s a little thin and if you get to scrape just a bit of it, I’d bawl my eyes out and crouch in fear. I do wish I had a much stronger personality, one that could equate to stronger convictions.


This post is just random and…unimaginative. I have yet to find my groove. I was told by my boyf that I buried it under my what-ifs and shoulda-woulda-couldas. While I start decluttering, I’ll be back with vengeance (or at they very least, wit).

Hi September, let’s be friends, kk?

The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 29: Must Do, At Least for the Next 30 Days.

Day 29 – Goals for the next 30 days.ย 

While I am working on some items on my 2012 goals, I really need to focus first on 3 things:

  1. Fitness. I’m tired of being reminded by my jeans/shorts/skirts/basically-bottoms of the love handles I have to break up with. I’m sick of wanting to have my back stretched out because of the discomfort that scolio brings . Aaand…I’m scared of telling my future kids to go in the living room and play video games instead of having me run play chase with them in the backyard. I wantneed to get serious with eating right and exercising consistently! So if you see me reaching for junk food or sweets, please be a friend and grab my hand away from them.
    My fit-spiration. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

    My fit-spiration. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

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The 30 Days Blog Challenge, Day 28: I Miss…

Day 28 – Something that you miss.

Libraries. I can remember recess and lunch times spent inย  the school library during my pre-college years. First, I’d go straight to the section where the newly acquired books are displayed. Second, I’d search through the fiction shelves for interesting reads. Third, I’d find a spot where I can read my chosen book in peace. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ilovebeing surrounded by books and silence. It makes me feel like I have my world, one where I happily do anything and everything I want at no cost. Although I haven’t checked around much, I wish there was a public library accessible for everyone. And by library, I mean one that has a variety of reading materials, not just specific to the Philippines.

CSA Makati's GS Library.

CSA Makati's GS Library. Wow, they have "He's Just Not That Into You"?!? I guess some Grade Schoolers have love problems.
Photo grabbed from: http://csamakati-gslibrary.blogspot.com

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